Yahoo! Developer

About Y! Developer

Y! Developer is a PHP Classes which will help you to interact with various services provided by yahoo through their API, but you donít need to do much programming since we take care of that. The Class will be available by mid of December.


What we have here?

Y! Developer, is released under GPL license. But be sure that only the Class is GPL. But for access Yahoo's service, you have to check out with yahoo web site. We are not responsible for the Terms and conditions on that. Its fully owned by Yahoo inc , you have to be very clear about their terms and conditions before using it for commercial purpose.

Why we provide this?

The PHP class was provided here for educational purpose. Purely for learning about Yahoo API, to understand how to use Yahoo's Services.

Any problems or copyright violations

If there a copyright violation of using the name yahoo, please feel free to inform me so that I will remove it. For using this class with commercial application and web site you have to get in touch with yahoo.

We thank to...

We thank to sourceforge team for approving out project and giving us space for hosting this site. We also thank to Bluerobot owner for the Layout and CSS.

Signing off!! Now meet you soon with the Source Code

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